Pricing is based on Premium Plus vinyl

Left Chest: starting at $4.50

Full Chest/Back: starting at $7.50

Add Name on Back: $4.00

4" Numbers: $5.00

6" Numbers: $5.50

8" Numbers: $6.00

Silk screen vs heat press: Deciding which to use

When shirts are cared for correctly, the design methods have the same quality life expectancy.

  • Quantity 

    • Silk screening requires a minimum of 12 shirts (or hoodies).with the exact same design in the same location
    • Heat press vinyl has no minimum
  • Location of design and Restrictions

    • Silk screening is limited to just front and back of shirts or the hip and leg of pants. We cannot do designs on/near pockets or zippers.
    • Heat pressing vinyl can do all of that plus sleeves, pockets, on a hood, etc
  • Complexity of design

    • Silk screening has the ability to produce very thin lines and details into the design, such as the circle of people holding hands in the small logo below. 
    • Heat press vinyl comes in various materials that vary in strength of capturing many colors and changes and giving the same level of detail as screening.
  • Number of colors

    • Silk screening increases in price as you add more colors. Using a light colored ink of a dark shirt also requires a base layer of ink. 
    • Heat press has no limit to the number of colors you can use, pricing will depend on the type of vinyl

Ultra Color Max

Silk Screening

HEat press


After you have given approval of artwork, any additions or subtractions from your order will result in a blanket $10 charge. 

If you add shirts to silk screen after it was already complete, it will count as a new order and not count towards a total quantity price break. 

If there is not 12 pieces to add on, we will need to heat press and the price is not guaranteed to be the same. 


To see available styles to order, navigate back to the T-shirts and More page:

Common Charges that may incur

Ask us about the different patterns available and add +$1 to the prices above for heat press. 

Design sent NOT IN VECTORS or no Specific design given

If you send concept art that is a JPG, JPEG, or PNG, and we need to spend time converting it into vectors,  OR you have an idea that we need to create from scratch there is a $15/hour charge. 

Preferred file form is .eps, .cdr or a PDF that was taken from vector art. 

We will inform you if your artwork is not useable as is and before we begin recreating your design.

Glitter Flake


If you are looking for something beyond a matte, single color design, Premium Plus, consider these options.

Our reflective foil comes in several metallic colors for +$1.50 to the prices above for heat press. 

Add a dimension of sparkle to your logo for +$1 to the prices above for heat press. 


Present your logo in full color without the charges of silk screening with this method, pricing is dependent on square inches of logo.

Pocket sized logo $5.00+

Full Chest Logo $9.50+


Variables that determine pricing:

New vs Repeat Screen

(A $25 charge to cut a new screen, screens discarded after 3 years of no use)

Number of colors used

(More colors=more screens and more cycles)

Shade of shirt vs Ink

(When the shirt color is darker than the ink, we need to add a base layer of ink)


Price breaks per shirt occur at the following:

24, 48, 96, 144, 300, 600, 1200

*Call for pricing*

Orders placed with an in-hand date less than 10 business days will be subject to a Rush Charge.

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