​Boards are available in:

- White                - Blue

- Black                - Ruby

- Brown

Example of a pre-made plaque.

Custom plaques are available at various sizes and colors. The cost of each plaque includes the engraved plate, with no word limit. 

White board with  full color sublimated plate with purple backer.

Perpetual & Pre-made Plaques

In addition to the made-to-order plaques that we create, there are "higher end" plaques available to order. Difference may include board shape, board color, board material, plate material, shape plate, etc.  

Black board with gold sublimated plate.

Follow the link to view the options available to order.

​Plaques are available in various sizes and colors to order with no maximum word count.

Engraved wooden board complimented with gold plastic add-ons.

The cost of the plaque is 25% off of the listed price on the website.


Example of a perpetual plaque.

Engraving color options:


5" x 7”        $12.45
6" x 8"        $14.45
7" x 9"        $16.45
8” x 10”      $20.45
9” x 12”      $22.45

10.5” x 13” $25.45
12” x 15”    $29.95

Add Ons: 

Sublimated Disk: +$2.50 each

Sizes 5x7” thru 7x9”

Backer: +$2.25 each
Sublimation: +$3.00 each

Sizes 8”x10” thru 9”x12”
Backer: +$2.75 each
Sublimation:+ $5.00 each