Can I bring in my own items for you to Embroider?

Yes! In general, we are to embroider all clean apparel without any issues. However, sometimes backpacks, totes, and lunchboxes are tougher to work with.

Can I bring in my own items for you to Silk Screen?

You can, but most of the time we order the pieces for you. This technique requires a minimum of 12 pieces without zippers or pockets near the ink location. The color of the shirt does not matter, as long as the color ink remains the same.

What is the cost of Embroidery?

Pricing is based off of the number of stitches that are required to complete the design.

For example, the price of a name, such as "Mr. Wagner," on a sleeve of a jacket will cost less than stitching the Wagner's Trophies logo on the chest.

How far in advance should I place my order?

Due to current supply chain issues, we recommend placing your order at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure your order is finished before your deadline.

What is the cost of Heat Pressing?

Pricing is based on the material of heat transfer vinyl used (reflective, matte, glitter, foil) and the amount of product used. If you choose to order your garments through us as well, the cost of the shirt/pants/etc will also be factored into your total price.

Can I bring in my own items for you to Engrave?

Not always. You can bring the item in for us to evaluate, but we cannot guarantee it is possible. To ensure an item is engravable, we recommend choosing an item from the wide selection in our catalog.

Can I bring in my own items for you to Heat Press?

Yes! Similar to embroidery, we are able to heat press your logo, slogan, and more onto any tee, sweatshirt, pants, etc. We are also happy to order the items for you with no minimum.

Can I bring in my own items for you to Sublimate?

No, this technique requires a specific surface in order to transfer an image onto. We have a wide variety of items available for you to choose from.

What is the cost of Silk Screening?

General notes to follow for pricing is that dark ink on a light shirt (black ink on a white shirt) is less expensive than light ink on a dark shirt (yellow ink on navy shirt). Using more than one color ink will also increase price. However, price per shirt will decrease as your increase the number of shirts:

24, 48, 96, 144, and 300.